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Model: AL 1KW/12V
Inverter Battery Voltage 12V
Inbuilt Battery Specification 1*100AH/12V
Rated Power 1000W
Output Voltage 230VAC
Output frequency 50Hz
Output waveform Pure Sine Wave
Charge by a mains supply Rated Voltage 230VAC—*(means an optional function)
Charge Current 10A (MAX)-*(means an optional function)
Solar Input Maximum Photovoltic volatge(VDC) <25V
Charge Voltage(VDC) 10-25V
Rated Charge Current(A) 30A
Maximum power(Wp) 360Wp
Voltage of overcharge protection(VDC) 14.2V
Voltage of overcharge recovery(VDC) 14.0V
Voltage of floating charge(VDC) 13.7V
DC Output Voltage of high-voltage protection(VDC) 16V
Voltage of high-voltage recovery(VDC) 15.2V
Voltage of low voltage protection(VDC) 12.6V
Voltage of low-voltage recovery(VDC) 11V
5VDC USB output port 2 units / MAX 2A
12VDC output port 2 DC ports + backboard 12V terminal block (MAX 8A)
Starting Temprature of exhaust fan >45 Degrees C
Ambient temprature for operation 0-40 Degrees C
Ambient temprature for storage -25 – + 55 Degrees C
Operation/Storage conditions 0-90%(no condensation
External dimension: DxWxH(mm) 437x270x470
Packing dimension: DxWxH(mm) 520x320x520

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